The motivation behind narah jewellery is to create elegant, classic and stylish pieces that harmonize with you.

Taking inspiration from the past as well as contemporary style, narah create timeless, forward-looking pieces you can wear for years to come.

This jewellery is for those that understand that elegance and style doesn't shout, it whispers.



The history of jewellery making is almost as long as the history of man, and stretches across every culture.  The earliest examples of self-adornment utilised bone, teeth and shell, whilst the earliest evidence of metal jewellery using copper dates back to approximately 5000 years BC.

With the advent of mass production, jewellery of both precious and non-precious types has become easily available and at a much lower cost.

However, beautifully handcrafted, unique pieces of jewellery created by Gold/Silversmiths and Jewellery Designer-Makers are still valued, even in today's fast paced, throw-away society.  Their skill and artistic vision is a true art form with a long history.

Nafeeseh is the Designer-Maker of all the handcrafted silver jewellery at narah.  She designs and handcrafts each and every piece with exceptional attention to detail, and although no two pieces are exactly the same, Nafeeseh strives for as much perfection as is possible by hand. This is her signature style.

Nafeeseh also takes commissions to create a truly unique piece of jewellery you will treasure forever.

The ethos of narah is that of yester-year:  to make exquisite, quality pieces of handcrated jewellery that last. 

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